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Epoxy Stop Landslide Road
Epoxy Stop Landslide Road
Epoxy Stop Landslide Road

First, epoxy landslide road construction structure diagram:

Second, epoxy landslide road construction procedures:

      1, Surface Treatment: small hand grinder, sand leather paper and other treatment, the old ground damaged part of the eradication, the original wear-resistant ground cleaning, will be irregular cracks cut into V-type groove, the original stop in the chute garbage clean.

2, dust removal: With vacuum cleaners or hair dryers and brooms and other tools

3, bottom coating construction: the use of drum rolling coating construction

4, medium coated mortar layer construction: with medium coating materials mixed with quartz sand filled with cut cracks, stop the chute and damaged areas, this part of the area filled flat. Add the medium coating material to the appropriate amount of quartz sand trowel knife overall trowel coating construction once

5, medium coating bonding layer Construction: Medium coating materials added to the appropriate amount of quartz powder rolling coating construction

6, Sand blasting layer construction: 20-30 mesh quartz sand evenly thrown on the medium coating ground, to be cured after the floating sand sweep quiet.

7, medium coating reinforcement layer Construction: Medium coating material rolling coating construction

8, face coating construction: roller rolling coating construction

9, the warning line evenly painted yellow epoxy topcoat

10, stop the landslide maintenance: 3 days to prohibit people in and out, 7 days to ban heavy pressure, 10 days to prohibit the use of water cleaning

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