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Parking locator
Parking locator
Parking locator

Parking Locator Function:

(1) For the adjustment of high quality requirements of the important adjustment system, in order to improve the accuracy and reliability of the control valve positioning.

(2) for the valve at both ends of the pressure difference (p>1MPa) of the occasion. By increasing the pressure of the gas source to increase the output force of the actuator, in order to overcome the unbalanced force of the liquid on the valve core and reduce the stroke error.

(3) When the tuned medium is high temperature, high pressure, low temperature, toxic, flammable, explosive, in order to prevent external leakage, the filler is often pressed very tightly, so the friction between the stem and the filler is larger, at this time with the locator can overcome the time delay.

(4) When the modulated medium is a viscous fluid or contains solid suspended matter, a locator can be used to overcome the resistance of the medium to the movement of the stem.

(5) for large caliber (Dg>100mm) regulator Valve, in order to increase the actuator output thrust.

(6) When the regulator is more than 60m away from the actuator, the locator can overcome the transmission lag of the control signal and improve the speed of the valve's action response.

(7) Used to improve the flow characteristics of the regulating valve.

(8) A regulator control two actuators in the implementation of split control, the use of two locators, respectively, to accept low input signal and high input signal, then one actuator low-process action, another elevation action, that is, constitute the division adjustment.