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Parking Fee System Road brake
Parking Fee System Road brake
Parking Fee System Road brake

Product Description:

The gate, also known as the retaining, is a channel import and export management equipment specially used for restricting the movement of motor vehicles on the road, which is widely used in highway toll stations,Construction of epoxy flooring in XI ' anMolded.Parking fee SystemManage vehicle channels for the management of vehicle discrepancies.

Electric gate can be used alone through wireless remote control to achieve the landing rod, can also be through the parking management system (that is, IC card management System) to implement automatic management status, admission card release vehicles, when the appearance, the collection of parking fees automatically release vehicles.

The common faults of traffic guardrail gate and its maintenance methods are as follows:

The coil of the gate is loose: when the local sensing coil can not be firmly fixed in the nest, the vibration of the car over the road will cause the nest inner circle deformation, change the ground sense of the initial inductance, at this time the sensor must be reset before it can work properly. The solution is to pour the melted asphalt into the inside to make it fixed.

The live joints of the gate are loosened: The live screws are connected to the positive and negative threads, and the upper and lower two bearings are connected with a double-headed screw, and if the screws are loosened, the upper and lower bits will be inaccurate. With a 80MM long ф4 iron bar into the double-headed screw between the swivel adjustment gate in place can be.

The turning arm screw of the gate is loose: If the screw is loose, it will cause the gate gate to be inaccurate in the upper and lower position of the sluice, and the shaking of the rod, the bolt will be suspended, and the nut can be locked tightly.

In place to control the magnet relocation: up and down in place are the use of Tzu min Hall components, if the rectangular magnet and reducer with the cam of the wafer position changes, resulting in an inaccurate in place. Adjust it accurately, not flip, you can solve the problem.

Power off protection switch power off: When the control part of the gate fails, the automatic protection device of the gate will work automatically, at this time the gate stops in the oblique position, the total power supply is disconnected, and the machine does not work. At this point, the machine door opens, the large belt clockwise rotation 3-8 laps to the top can be restored. If so many times you cannot restore the status quo ante, you need to check whether the hall components and circuit boards fail.

Lower hook adjustment nut loosening: the lower part of the chassis is provided with a threaded M10 of the lower hook, its function is to pull the balance mechanism of the spring and balance function of the 0 point adjustment. and equipped with two M10 hexagonal nuts and ф10 spring washer, if the nut loose, the machine operation will occur knock and balance imbalance, balance imbalance although the machine can also operate, but will greatly aggravate the gearbox, motor and other transmission parts load, thus affecting the reliability of the gate operation and mechanical life.