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Shaanxi Ball Type Monitoring
Shaanxi Ball Type Monitoring
Shaanxi Ball Type Monitoring

Product Description:

Ball machine Type infrared high speed intelligent ball machine

Infrared Distance 150 m

Communication Mode RS-485 Bus

Communication Protocol Pelco-d,pelco-p

Communication baud rate 1200bps/2400bps/4800bps/9600bps

The auto-return feature automatically returns to the set position based on the time set by the user.

Automatic control speed automatically adjusts motion speed based on the size of the camera's focal length

Automatic control infrared lamp 30 meters away headlights turn on the light off

Patrol preset point 8 groups (16 preset points per group, Total 128 preset points)

The residence time of the preset point is set at random for 1-60 seconds.