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Parking Place Lock
Parking Place Lock
Parking Place Lock

Product Description:

Remote Control Parking Lockis the production of full steel plate, with anti-violence, anti-technology opening, anti-demolition wheels, anti-replication keys and many other characteristics can easily and firmly lock the illegal tires, so as to effectively prevent illegal vehicles from evading punishment, while it operation Light, one person can not only operate independently, to the management department to provide great convenience for law enforcement. It's the management department and the property. Politeness and effective control measures for illegal parking persons at the same time, it also has the characteristics of stable performance, wide range of locks, reasonable design safety, small cost, no need for the vehicle management department to spend a huge amount of money to purchase and use trailers and so on.

Performance of wheel Locks:

1. Anti-shear anti-sawing, high-strength fine steel calcined, with the most intense shear and sawing are difficult to destroy the lock.

2. Clamping the shell, integrated with the vehicle, if the use of violence to destroy the car lock, will touch the original vehicle built-in alarm system to issue an alarm.

3. Special shake, even if the destruction of the first special-shaped lock, can not break through the spiral fixed clamp arm. The body is exposed, which has a more obvious deterrent force than the car lock, which in itself can stop the thieves and prevent the possibility of theft outside the car.

4. Left and right clamp arm for double-layer protective rubber, rubber ring, will not damage the locked tire.

5. Easy to use, lock/unlock time can be 10-15 seconds, convenient and fast. and short and solid locking physical placement at will in the car is not particularly occupied by the site.

6. If the needle is forced to move the vehicle, the steel needle will pierce the tyre to prevent the forced start of the vehicle.