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Shaanxi Solar Display
Shaanxi Solar Display
Shaanxi Solar Display

Parking locatorSolar displayProduct Description:

Mobile traction Car LED display, international abbreviation: VMS, Traffic Information Intelligence Board (screen), is an extension of advertising media led, mostly used for outdoor information announcements, image advertising, event advertising, information media, business promotion activities, the Government, social organizations, institutions, schools to organize various publicity activities, Road Traffic Guidelines Variable intelligence display, etc., and we take solar panel photovoltaic, its effectiveness, flexibility, convenience and other characteristics, more widely used.

Color: Red, yellow, blue and white customizable

Pattern: can be customized according to customer requirements

Spec.: 2240*1760mm (customizable)

Power supply: Solar monocrystalline high efficiency chip power supply

NameSolar Traffic Information Display (international abbreviation VMS)

Body SteelSquare pipe, groove steel, customers can choose to customize

Screen specifications1660*1280mm Customizable Screen Size

Body colorYellow, orange, white, etc., can be customized according to customer requirements

Solar panels18V/250W*2P Working life > 15

FenderWheel and Fender have a good arc, stable performance is very good

Battery12V/500AH Life > 3 years

Shock Absorber SpringDouble Spring 750*70*5pcs

LedWhite, red, yellow, green, two-color, full-color customizable,Tire14-15 inch tire Maximum speed 100km/h, maximum load-bearing 1.5T

Module PCBPCB circuit board using FR4 Epoxy plate

Guide WheelAdjustable lift 30CM, load-bearing 2000lb (907K)

Visual distance>1000m

Screen rotation360 degree rotating screen, any point lock function/customer selectable

Working hoursContinuous rainy day working days more than 240H

Brake systemNo brakes, manual brakes, automatic electric brakes, customers can choose

ControllerSupport a variety of monochrome, two-color and full-color display, with brightness adjustment, grayscale adjustment, chroma adjustment function, support text, pictures, visual and other media formats together display. With multiple national language versions; Wireless control.

Lifting Jack

360 degree adjustment rotary fixed jack mounting, 55CM height, open height 85CM, handle rotation lift to adjust the height of body support

SwitchPower switch

Is it with a reflective film?Customer Self-determined

Working environment-20℃~+70℃

Traction RodStandard 120CM with Traction hood and Ball Head, Telescopic & amp; folding customer selectable


No brake shaft/manual parking brake/electric brake (including manual) customers can choose

Lifting SystemScreen body with electric and hydraulic system to choose from

Trailer speed limitLarge tractor speed 70km/h, depending on road conditions

Body Specifications3350*2050*2700mm is tailored to the size of the screen

Bracket function360 degrees free rotation and locking function, electric shrinkage rod,

Regulating solar sunrise angle and shrinkage function

After - sales serviceChina's first 3-year quality assurance

Software control systemUSB disk, Computer USP interface, tablet upload program, wife and other options

Product features can be customized according to customer requirements