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Tianshui Solar Nail
Tianshui Solar Nail
Tianshui Solar Nail

Solar Display Product Description:

Mobile traction Car LED display, international abbreviation: VMS, Traffic Information Intelligence Board (screen), is an extension of advertising media led, mostly used for outdoor information announcements, image advertising, event advertising, information media, business promotion activities, the Government, social organizations, institutions, schools to organize various publicity activities, Road Traffic Guidelines Variable intelligence display, etc., and we take solar panel photovoltaic, its effectiveness, flexibility, convenience and other characteristics, more widely used.

Color: Red, yellow, blue and white customizable

Pattern: can be customized according to customer requirements

Spec.: 2240*1760mm (customizable)

Power supply: Solar monocrystalline high efficiency chip power supply

Category: Staples are also divided intoGlass pins, reflective pins, solar pins

Solar Nail Product Usage:

Use the contour of the road on the road to guide the driver in the correct direction of driving; it can also be used as a decorative role in a villa or garden

Solar Nail Product Parameters:

Shell material: die-cast aluminum paint

Dimensions: 110*95*23MM

Net Weight: 0.33KG

Solar panels: monocrystalline silicon solar cells, 2V/0.3W

Battery: 1.2v/600mahni-mh High temperature resistant battery

Duration: One full of electricity can work more than 120 hours, 10 rainy days

Working length: Under normal standards, 8 hours of continuous operation can be supported for 72 hours in a row

Display mode: Flashing (90±10 times/min) or often lit.

Display color: Red, yellow, blue, white, green.

Led quantity: Two-sided 6 PCs

Visible Distance: >800 m

How it works: Light control

Design life: > 3 years.

Working environment: -30℃~70℃.

Kai-controlled light intensity: positive illumination less than 500Lux

Protection class: IP68

Compressive capacity: static pressure > 20 tons

Packing: 2 A small white box 60 boxes out of box: 380*270*290MM

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