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Gansu Solar Flash Lamp
Gansu Solar Flash Lamp
Gansu Solar Flash Lamp

Solar Flash LightsProduct Description:

Solar 1-Grid flash lamp is our 30 lamp beads double-sided flash lamp, this flash lamp is mainly used in the country street next to the construction area of the warning signs next to, because this flash light is small and convenient, so can also be installed in the car, if the car in the road fault, you can take this flash light out next to the car, Remind passers-by that there is a car malfunction here.


Shell material: Special Aluminum oxide profile (anti-corrosion)

Power supply Mode: Solar monocrystalline silicon efficient battery chip, conversion rate >18%

Battery: Solar special deep cycle valve control type, charge number > 500 times, maintenance-free normal use of more than 3 years

NameSolar Flash Lights

Shell materialDedicated mold Custom Aluminum plate

Lampshade ColorRed, blue, white (optional)

Whether double-sidedIs

Specification size200*142*100mm (customizable)

Working modesRed, blue and white flashing alternately

Solar panelsMonocrystalline silicon solar panel 18v/8-100w life > 20

Flashing frequency60±2 Times/min

Battery12V/7AH-20AH Life > 3 years

Working hoursWork more than 240H for continuous rainy days

Module specifications110*120mm

SwitchPower switches and Mode switches

lde lamp BeadsRed, blue, white (optional)

ControllerCan control, can be deployed luminescent frequency and automatic measurement of battery capacity

With over-charge/over-the-place protection with night/full-day operating mode, intelligent operating mode (normal mode and power-saving mode), unique products can achieve wireless synchronous flicker.

PcbUsing FR4 epoxy PCB circuit board

Mounting caliberdiameter 90mm,2.5 inch tube depth, height 150mm

Visual distance>1000m

Working environment-20℃~+70℃



After - sales serviceWarranty three years Brand