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  • Reflective Road Cone

    Reflective Road Cone

    Number specification: y-szh3-1 Height: 500 bottom Specification: 280*280 y-szh3-2 Height: 750 Bottom Specification: 390*390 The following product features: 1. Has the advantages of

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  • Yulin Solar Flash Lamp

    Yulin Solar Flash Lamp

    Solar Angel Eye Flash lamp is the latest R & amp; d Traffic warning series of products, the use of a unique circular mask design, not only unique shape, luminous performance is als

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  • Isolation Pier

    Isolation Pier

    The isolation pier is also called the Water Horse, can be divided into: Cement isolation pier, FRP isolation pier, plastic isolation pier. is the main type of transportation facil

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  • Epoxy Stop Landslide Road

    Epoxy Stop Landslide Road

    Epoxy Stop landslide road, suitable for all kinds of car parks, ramps and other requirements to stop slippery clean wear-resistant floor.

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  • Parking locator

    Parking locator

    Locator function: (1) is used for the important adjustment system which requires high quality regulation, in order to improve the positioning accuracy and reliability of the regula

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  • Shaanxi Ball Type Monitoring

    Shaanxi Ball Type Monitoring

    Product Description: Ball machine Type infrared high speed intelligent ball machine infrared distance 150 meters communication mode RS-485 Bus Communication protocol pelco-d,pelco-

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  • Parking Fee System Road brake

    Parking Fee System Road brake

    Product Description: DAO brake also known as retaining device, is specifically used for road restrictions on the movement of motor vehicles access management equipment, is widely u

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  • Manual Car Removal device

    Manual Car Removal device

    Shaanxi Yiyuan Transportation Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in Xi ' An, Red light Road West section of the western suburb thermal power Plant production Road No. 5th,

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  • Parking Place Lock

    Parking Place Lock

    Product Description: Wheel lock is the production of full steel plate, with anti-violence, anti-technology opening, anti-demolition wheel, anti-copy key and many other characterist

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  • Warning column

    Warning column

    Warning column collision resistance, good elasticity, rich product range. Product Name warning column (Rubber warning column, flexible warning column, PVC warning column, High stre

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  • Road Deceleration Belt

    Road Deceleration Belt

    Product Description: Plastic deceleration Belt product specifications: 350*500*40mm First, features 1. Professional design, deceleration efficiency is significant, slow deceleratio

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  • Road Traffic Signs

    Road Traffic Signs

    Billboard Introduction: Product Specifications: 320*310*650mm Features: 1. Plastic billboards generally use a new high-quality plastic injection molding, smooth and smooth appearan

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