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Parking Locator Usage method

Xiao Knitting, tell everyone today.Parking fee SystemSteps to draw a line in construction:

  1. First of all, according to the scale of the drawing drawings to measure the layout, along the line every 50 meters to set a control point, the Curve section should choose the encryption point control, every 10 meters set a point, and then use chalk as a symbol, as the reference point for marking.

Parking fee System

2. After the datum point is determined, use the marker rope to place and secure along the datum point. In the case of ensuring the scale of each datum point, the Linetype smooth straight. Then draw a baseline, and some dotted lines and solid lines on the carriageway are based on this baseline.

④ Metal bracket: fixed sign.

⑤ Safety Collision Bar: High 130-150mm, placed in the parking space after the line distance of 1.1 meters. It can effectively prevent a vehicle from colliding with an object or wall behind a car when it enters a parking space.

⑥ suspension hanger: Used for hanging signs.Parking fee SystemSuitable for channels that affect vehicle passage after mounting the marker rod on the channel. Use expansion screws to secure the ceiling or wall.

Shaanxi Parking lot construction which is good

⑦ Limited high and small gantry: placed at the entrance to the underground garage aisle, can effectively prevent the vehicle and building damage caused by the accidental entry of ultra-high vehicles into the basement. The rack can be fitted with the corresponding reflective signs, traffic lights and other equipment.

⑧ nail: Placed on the Underground garage channel line, the vehicle in the garage driving can be a warning effect, to avoid poor light due to bad lighting traffic hit the post.

That's what the little editor told you.Parking fee SystemThe steps and methods of an underscore in.