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Shaanxi Parking Space lock manufacturer teaches you to install the parking space lock

Shaanxi billion source is a professional parking space lock manufacturers, and parking space lock aspects are very understanding, today to introduce youParking Place LockRelated knowledge of installation.

  Parking Place Lock: Parking space lock is a kind of mechanical device, the function is to prevent others to occupy their own car parking space, so that their car with the stop. The installation position of the parking space lock is generally installed at 1/3 of the middle entrance of the parking space, and the installation conditions are required on the ground where the cement is flat.

Parking Space Lock Classification:

1, the use of the function is divided into: Kicking parking space lock, remote control parking space lock

2, the structure of the shape is divided into: type D parking space lock, King Kong parking Space lock, type A (also known as triangle) d type, U-type, F type, frog type, octagonal, l type, column type, etc., these are common parking spaces on the market lock modeling.

  Parking Place LockThe installation steps are as follows:

1, open the box will be the parking space lock removed from the box, unload the packaging foam.

2, to determine the location of the parking space locked in the parking space, it is recommended to be installed in 1/3 parts of the parking space, must be installed on the flat and dry concrete ground.

3, first use the key to open the power lock, remove the bottom of the installation lock, and then use the installation mark on the picture to do four mounting marks on the ground.

4, with impact drilling on the ground marked on the four marks on the 50mm deep hole., with a diameter of 8~10mm.

5. Install the iron sheet and the floor with a sleeve wrench.

6, the iron sheet and the floor fixed well, and then the parking space lock and iron piece fixed good. Finally with the lock lock. The installation of the parking space lock is OK.

7, after installing the car parking space lock, with the use of the starting button on the remote control, so that the parking space lock up and down a few times, to ensure that the correct, car parking space lock can be officially used.

That's what the little editor introduced to you.Parking Place LockThe specific steps of the installation, if you also have information about other aspects of the parking space lock, you can come and have a detailed exchange with us.