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Road deceleration belt noise difficult to solve

Shaanxi Warning Column Small part today to tell youRoad Deceleration BeltNoise is difficult to solve:

  Road Deceleration Belt

Recently, the citizen Mr. Zhang through the Hotline Reader Reception Room reflected: for the safety of students, high-tech zone roads installedRoad Deceleration Belt。 However, the installationRoad Deceleration Belthas created another problem, that is, the vehicle passes through theRoad Deceleration Beltwill produce noisy water horse sound, affecting the lives of nearby residents, there are large cars passing through the time, the noise is huge, the entire residential building residents of Shaanxi transportation facilities can be heard, he hopes that the relevant departments can removeRoad Deceleration BeltReplace it with other forms to ensure the safety of students ' travel, or consider installing special soundproofing devices on the Shaanxi deceleration belt.

Investigation feedback: After receiving the reader's reflection, the reporter quickly feedback the problem to the relevant departments of the Chengyang District government, the other side replied that Baoan Road installedRoad Deceleration Beltis installed at the request of residents, mainly taking into account the travel safety of residents and students. Now becauseRoad Deceleration BeltThere is a noise problem, and the first thing we consider about it is the safety of the residents, who are about removingRoad Deceleration Beltor the installation of soundproofing requirements and recommendations for the time being difficult to balance, the next step will be transferred to the relevant departments to study and solve.

ForRoad Deceleration BeltTransportation facilities in our life should pay attention to the above problems, although the transportation facilities are to make us safer and more convenient. But we are still paying attention to being disturbed by its noise. This will have an impact on our lives. Through the above understanding you know Shaanxi transportation facilities pay attention to it! While ensuring the safety of the public, we should pay more attention to its problems. In this way, it can be used for a longer life.