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What are the performance and classification of solar signage when it is made?

  Solar SignsIn our lives everywhere, but also to our travel has brought a lot of convenience, today's small series to introduce you to some of its performance and classification.

Signs are classified by form

1, Horizontal: The whole scale is relatively long. The general whole surface is used as a marker sign. It is generally visible on the walls of small shops and large buildings.

2, Vertical type: The whole proportion of vertical relatively long. The general whole surface is used as a marker sign.

3, the shape: in the wall of the building protruding, in addition to the back of the whole surface or there are sides of the wall, both sides are used as the advertising carrier identification signs. For example, three-sided flip sign.

4. Column shape: Transverse, vertical, stereoscopic identification signs marked on certain fixed structures on the ground

5, Roof type: Refers to the roof of a building to set up a number of fixed structures, and on the top hanging or affixed to the shape of a square or phantom identification signs.

Signs are classified by material

1, Smooth sign: screen or plate surface has oily, very smooth.

2, luminous material signs: with luminous material brand (that is, we usually say the neon lights).

3, acrylic resin sign: with acrylic resin material to make the main surface material. Like "McDonald's acrylic signage"!

4, Metal label signs: In the absence of a special designation of the plate surface, metal as a sign of the plate surface or text of the main material and metal as the main carrier of the logo.

5, the light plate sign: With luminescent diode or luminous tube to achieve monochrome or color performance. With luminous diodes and expression, can be divided into night photovoltaic panels, LCD, LED, CRT, FDT and other five categories.

Signs are classified by purpose

Safety signs, power signs, fire signs, cartoon signage, evacuation signs.

There are several types of road signs

Ban signs, warning signs, travel signs, speed limit signs, signage signs, reflective signs, safety signs

      Solar SignsThe performance of:

1, with reflexive light function, for the driver in high-speed driving to provide high-definition traffic signs.

2, smooth paint film, antioxidant, anti-ultraviolet radiation, excellent weather resistance.

3, acid and alkali resistance, anti-atmospheric fog, temperature and water resistance excellent, service life of more than five years.

4, strong adhesion, wood, steel, aluminum alloy, glass, ceramics and composite sheet production of road signs have a high adhesion, day after day, not easy to fall off, not skin, cracking.

5, non-toxic, no radioactive substances, no pollution to the human body and the environment.

6, lacquer film curing at room temperature, single part, cold construction, fast drying.

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