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How do you do the circuit board of the solar signal?


      Solar signal LampCompared with ordinary signal lights, solar signal is more environmentally friendly, energy-saving, because of the power storage function, in the installation of no need to lay cables, can effectively avoid the construction caused by power outages and other situations. In continuous rain and snow, cloudy conditions, solar signal lights can guarantee 72 hours of normal operation.

Many friends are very curious about Xi ' an solar signal circuit board is how to do, small series today to say this problem:

First do the LED lamp well (and of course you can use other lights), and in 12V input can be used normally. Do a few more if you need more than one color, or use a multicolor led.

Solar cells and batteries are connected after a rectifier.

Battery output, access to a time series controller, the role of this controller is to control a certain light, and then after how many seconds after another light on, the front of the light out, and then after how long after the light, the front of the extinguished

Of course, they can also be allowed to not extinguish, can also have more than n lights, like neon lights or billboards of the controller, very cheap, there are 12V input and used as a control power supply.

Solar signal LampThe parameters of:

1, light Source: light source using φ10mm four elements ultra-high brightness light-emitting diode (LED), service life of ≥ 100,000 hours.

2, LED angle: light-emitting diode angle in the 25-30° when the light source is full, so that the visual angle range is expanded;

3, Solar yellow flash lamps are using monocrystalline silicon solar power supply, battery power 15W, battery full power, can work continuously for 170 hours;

4, Sg400-3-as contains led tube particles of 120 capsules, increase service life and luminous brightness, has a strong sense of visual impact, remind drivers, pedestrians pay attention to the danger ahead;

4, transmittance design: transmittance lenses on the outer surface of the use of tilt surface design, can prevent transmittance lenses to accumulate dust;

5, Design: The appearance must be LED light source design, structure for ultra-thin, luminaire thickness (φ400mm transmittance surface lamps for 150mm);

6, Shell material: Shell using polycarbonate (PC) materials once injection molding, sealing using silicone rubber seals, dustproof, waterproof, flame retardant, anti-aging, luminaire shell service life of ≥ 10 years;

Said so much.Solar signal LampThe circuit of the street lamp is made clear to everyone.