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What is the remote control parking space lock in Shaanxi? Triangle Remote Control parking space lock principle and use method?

OneRemote Control Parking LockPlacement elucidation:

1 after opening the package, the battery plug is plugged into the controller's adjoining and firm.

2 Press the Ascent key of the remote control to rise.

3 probably can't be placed.Remote Control Parking Lockis in low-lying or permanent waters.

4 Credentials 4 parking spaces (credential size, parking space) of the detailed environment, after placement will not disturb the backup of other vehicles is consistent, select the placement position when the controller's ground drilling 10 mm control base in the corresponding hole.

5 placed on the floor hole expansion screw m8mm, setRemote Control Parking Lock, then tighten the nut, screw the dark oil, so far, has been placed, the surrounding sanitary clean.

6 Press the key to the remote control, the controller corresponding action (2-3 times).

Second, the use of instructions:

1 after the placement is completed, it can be put into normal use

2 o'clock Parking Car free, the controller should be the highest position.

3 When the car returns, in the car to a similar parking lot, press the remote control of the landing key, so that the controller down, you can pull into the parking space.

4 Cars go, press the UP key, the controller rises, guard against other vehicles to occupy the parking space.

ThreeRemote Control Parking LockMaintenance:

The simple layout of the controller, low obstruction rate, is one of the important characteristics of the controller.

When the controller activity slows down, and emits alarm sound, performance battery, special charger to charge the battery, ambition, for special maintenance effect, completely active stop rechargeable battery, battery charger, please do not use other charger charging accumulator, the charger from red to green, showing that the storage is full, can be from the socket charger, The charger adjoins the battery again in unity and the battery is placed back.

Thank you for reading, above onExposition of remote control parking space lockHope to help you!