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Yellow Barricade Lights
Yellow Barricade Lights
Yellow Barricade Lights

Traffic Warning Lights Introduction:

Roadblock warning lights, also known as traffic roadblocks warning lights, is a traffic safety facilities;

Color: Mainly red and yellow, divided into single-sided flash and two-sided flash, visual distance of 200-300 meters;

Power supply: There are dry batteries and batteries, the general use of dry batteries, the use of time is 300-400 hours;

Luminescent Source: There are LED lights and ordinary tungsten lamp bubbles, usually with LEDs, because LEDs have a longer life than ordinary tungsten light bubbles;

Face cover cover: PC Lampshade;

Usage use:

Traffic construction and isolation site with road vertebrae, warning columns, guardrails and other products used together

Yellow Barricade Lights

Product Specifications:1. Diameter: 180mm

2. Height: 390mm

Product Features:

Two sides transparent, ultra-bright, LED lamp, strobe or long bright, the second section of 1.5 volts a battery.