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Road Traffic Signs
Road Traffic Signs
Road Traffic Signs

Solar Energy Construction BrandIntroduced:

Product Specification: 320*310*650mm


1. Plastic billboards generally use a new high-quality plastic injection molding, smooth and smooth appearance, exquisite and thick, stable and generous.

2. Products do not aging deformation, high temperature exposure and low temperature and cold conditions of use, as enduring as new.

3. The warning signs are tightly and firmly combined with the cones, with clear patterns and words, with Chinese and English fonts and a wide variety of styles.

Replaceable text:

Stairs up and down are not allowed in, parking spaces are full, elevators up and down, work in the vehicle is not allowed to enter, on-site construction passengers stop

Do not approach the high-altitude work, free of idle, no parking, cleaning of waste dumps, clean and sanitary suspension do not park

Free parking, careful slip, special parking spaces, except internal vehicles in dangerous rest and recuperation, do not smoke for your health and that of others