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Warning column
Warning column
Warning column

Warning column collision resistance, good elasticity, rich product range.

Product Alert Column Name

Warning column (Rubber warning column, flexible warning column, PVC warning column, High strength warning column, steel warning column)

Product usage

In urban junctions, sidewalks, isolation between buildings, so that moving motor vehicles play a warning role, once hit will not cause a second injury. Daytime red and white, red and yellow color eye-catching obvious, the evening lattice sleeve can reflect a dazzling light, remind the driver to pay attention.

Product Features

1. Made of high and new technology, with good elasticity.

2. Be able to withstand the heavy impact of external forces rolling, quickly return to the original condition.

3. Column wall thickness 3mm, sturdy and durable.

4. Good reflective performance, clear outline of the road.

5. Reflector can be reflective or reflective film, reflective film with rivets tightly fixed on the column body, reflective film tightly attached to the column body.

6. Rain and snow days work properly.

7. Easy to install, few maintenance.

8. Easy to carry with the ring configuration, while easy to connect the isolation zone, isolation chain and isolation rod.