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Road transport facilities
  • Reflective Road Cone

    Reflective Road Cone

    Number specification: y-szh3-1 Height: 500 bottom Specification: 280*280 y-szh3-2 Height: 750 Bottom Specification: 390*390 The following product features: 1. Has the advantages of

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  • Isolation Pier

    Isolation Pier

    The isolation pier is also called the Water Horse, can be divided into: Cement isolation pier, FRP isolation pier, plastic isolation pier. is the main type of transportation facil

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  • Warning column

    Warning column

    Warning column collision resistance, good elasticity, rich product range. Product Name warning column (Rubber warning column, flexible warning column, PVC warning column, High stre

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  • Road Deceleration Belt

    Road Deceleration Belt

    Product Description: Plastic deceleration Belt product specifications: 350*500*40mm First, features 1. Professional design, deceleration efficiency is significant, slow deceleratio

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  • Road Traffic Signs

    Road Traffic Signs

    Billboard Introduction: Product Specifications: 320*310*650mm Features: 1. Plastic billboards generally use a new high-quality plastic injection molding, smooth and smooth appearan

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  • Yellow Barricade Lights

    Yellow Barricade Lights

    Warning Lights Introduction: Roadblock warning lights, also known as traffic roadblocks warning lights, is a traffic safety facilities; color: mainly red and yellow, divided into s

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  • Reflective Safety Clothing

    Reflective Safety Clothing

    Reflective Vest Introduction: Reflective clothing Reflective Vest is the use of reflective materials inlaid in the main parts of clothing or vest made of personal safety supplies f

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  • Collision Bucket

    Collision Bucket

    Features: 1. The material is linear low density polyethylene, is a disposable molding, heat-resistant, hardy, impact-resistant, not easy to aging. After filling the water more cus

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  • Shaanxi Anti-Glare plate

    Shaanxi Anti-Glare plate

    Product Description: Anti-glare plate is a kind of traffic safety product installed on the central separator belt of Expressway in order to solve the glare to the headlights. More

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  • Exit Rectangular Contour Label

    Exit Rectangular Contour Label

    Product Description: Export rectangular Contour Label Product specification: 40*180mm one. Features: 1. The use of steel bracket, reflector film for Japan imported PMMA materials.

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  • Water Horse Fence

    Water Horse Fence

    Product Description: Cordon, refers to the prison, labor reform team in the area of the prisoner activities outside the establishment of signs and signs line. The cordon is usually

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  • Road Wide Angle Mirror

    Road Wide Angle Mirror

    Features: size, round 45/60/80/100/120 cm, can be used in indoor and outdoor 1. Mirror material: Imported PC or acrylic. Mirror back material: Engineering Plastics. 2. Suitable fo

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