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How much do you know about the production materials of the solar sign reflective signage?

A listenSolar SignsReflective brand of the name, we may already know its role, is to produce a reflective effect of the sign, it can be used at night to clearly reflect the content on the sign, on the one hand can be used for publicity, on the one hand is also a reminder to passers-by, the next small part of you to understand the reflective signage production materials bar.

The reflective effect of road signs is very significant, even if the information on the night signs is clear. Why is the signage reflective effect so strong? That's because it uses reverse reflective material to make logo surfaces or install lighting facilities, or it can be illuminated according to topography and sunshine.

  Solar SignsReflective signs for the logo surface of the inverse reflection material is mainly reflective film. The following factors should be considered in the selection of inverse reflective materials:

1, the logo background environment impact is large, fast driving speed, traffic volume of the road should choose a good reverse reflection performance of the material;

2, the door frame type sign, the cantilever type sign and the roadway above the attachment mark should choose the specific side column mark and the road side attachment sign Inverse reflection performance good material;

3, four and below the road, traffic is very small road, to eradicate the actual situation can be selected than other road reverse reflection performance of materials.

The road guide to the guiding logo is a graphical symbol showing traffic regulations and road information, which can make the traffic regulations get the image, concrete and concise expression, and also express the content that is difficult to describe in words, to manage traffic, to instruct the direction of driving to ensure the smooth road and driving safety of the facilities. Suitable for roads, urban roads and all special roads, with the nature of the law, vehicles, pedestrians must abide by.


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