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Xi ' An reflective signage manufacturers tell the reflective principle of reflective road cones

Below bySolar SignsManufacturers tell the reflective principle of reflective signage reflective materials.

In the reflective materials industry, reflective materials are routinely divided into four levels: advertising grade, engineering grade, high strength and diamond grade, but according to their substantive classification are divided into: Rare earth reflective type, glass microbead structure reflective type and micro-prism structure reflective type.

Solar Signs

  Solar SignsReflective principle:

1. Rare earth Reflective type: The use of visible light (between the wavelength of electromagnetic wave 0.77-0.39 microns) to activate the rare earth luminescent materials in the eu3+, dy3+ and other elements, stored light in the dark can emit a wavelength of 450~600nm yellow and green light. Using this luminous principle, rare earth luminescent materials are applied to reflective materials.

2. Glass Bead Structure Reflective type: the use of high refractive index glass beads after the semi-surface aluminum plating as a backward reflector, with a strong reverse regression reflection performance, can directly reflect most of the light back to the light source, resulting in reflective brightness.

3. Micro-PRISM structure: The micro-prism technology is different from the ordinary reflective film used in the glass microbead reflection principle, each micro-prism cubic corner link arrangement, the formation of a precision reflection array. The reflective performance of the reflective film using this technology not only increases several times, but also greatly improves the wide-angle performance. It is also the only reflective material that combines long distance and wide angle. Averydenison, 3M and Bitwon are used in the application of this reflective material technology ...

There are two types of diamond-grade reflective materials on the market, not different in principle, but because of different materials. With 3 M and Bitwon

Example Comparison Note:

First-class reflective film for diamond-grade reflective materials, secondary reflective film for high-strength reflective film, three and four levels of reflective film for engineering grade reflective film, five reflective film for economic reflective film, commonly known as advertising grade reflective film.

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