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What are the key points in the construction of traffic road marking in winter, you know?

In winterRoad marking Constructionis also to be carried out normally, today's small series to introduce you is in the winter construction during the production of traffic road marking points, let's take a look at it.

1. Temperature conditions

Temperature can be divided into two areas:Road marking ConstructionTemperature and heating temperature, construction temperature should not be less than 10 ℃, it is best to maintain the best around 20 ℃, on the contrary, will be detrimental to the adhesion of paint and pavement, paint heating, temperature control in 180-230 ℃ between, until the paint all melted, stir evenly can spray rain pavement, if the temperature is too high, It will cause the paint to turn yellow and reduce adhesion, affecting the aesthetics and quality of the coating.


2. Coating thickness Requirements

Road marking coating thickness is generally required around 1.5-2.5mm, but also to ensure uniform paint film. The thickness of the lacquer film will directly affect the film resistance and weatherability, the coating is too thin, the use of a period of time will be polished by the vehicle, the use cycle is short, two times the coating is also more troublesome, so the coating thickness is an important indicator of the service life of the coating. If the paint film is found to be too thin, it can be

3. Use of Adhesives

In order to strengthen the adhesion between paint and pavement, so before the construction of road marking on the road surface coating bottom oil, that is, binder can also be called the lower coating agent. Different types of pavement can use different binders, especially cement pavement, the general use of better permeability of the bottom oil. After the bottom oil is completely dry, then apply the marking paint, so as not to cause the coating foaming due to the evaporation of the solvent in the bottom oil, affecting the quality of the marking.

In special times, of course, the construction of road marking will be different. Carried out in the winterRoad marking Construction, of course, we need to pay careful attention to the relevant issues. Because in case there is any mishandling is likely to affect the quality of our construction, of course, will also have a impact on our credibility.


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