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Construction scheme and technical measures of epoxy flooring in XI ' an

To do a good project need to do a professional construction plan in advance, small series to give you a brief talk aboutParking fee SystemConstruction of the program.

1. Pre-construction preparation of parking lot charging system

The construction survey should be done well before the soil Foundation excavation in the parking lot, and the elevation control pile sign should be set up in the obvious place to carry out the construction control. When the pile is found to be touched or lost, it should be patched up in time.

Parking fee System

2,Parking fee SystemConstruction method

⑴ base soil stratification, first of all with manual excavation to standard depth, in the construction process should pay attention to underground cables and pipelines, in case of excavation.

After excavation of ⑵, the base soil was compacted with tamping machine, and the lime stabilized soil with high 100mm thickness of soil was compacted.

⑶ soil after doing well, laying 300mm thick 3:7 lime-soil compaction pressure to dense, the specific practice: will mix the 3:7 lime-soil flat compaction 3~5 all over.

  Parking fee SystemConstruction Solutions

⑷ grass Roots do a good job, laying grass planting brick, the specific practice will be grass-planting brick neatly and beautifully laid on the grass roots. When there are special shape requirements and other cable manhole covers on the parking space, grass planting bricks can be cut to meet the requirements of different shapes of parking spaces.

⑸ the cultivated soil or fine sand evenly in the gap of the grass planting brick according to the need.

⑹ separates the parking space with white paint according to the drawings.

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