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Analysis on the development of parking industry driven by intelligent parking charging system

  Parking fee SystemWith the development of the economy, especially in recent years, the country's major cities have appeared the appearance of "parking difficult", which also promoted the rapid development of the parking industry, and not the same region of the management sector and real estate developers are very important to this, especially in 2004 by the National Commission, Science and Technology, Ministry of Commerce and other joint revision of the In the priority area of high-tech industrialization at that time (2004), the intelligent parking system, peripheral equipment and parking command system were listed in the meantime.

Today, China's intelligent parking system shopping malls on the first equipment is the active gate, but in order to reduce the cost, usually the use of worm gear rod drive or belt drive, because the technology is backward, performance is unstable, and noisy, slow landing speed, so can not adapt to the needs of large parking lot!

But most ownersParking fee SystemThe quality of peripheral equipment is not very mind, especially in the case that the builder and the processing side are not the same company, the construction of the side is naturally expected the cheaper the better. However, in the process of future use of the processing party will be affected, small loss! Therefore, the intelligent parking system shopping malls are still to be further standard. Users about price/performance is very concerned about, and foreign intelligent parking system is basically selected unmanned processing, but we are manual processing, so the degree of reliance on equipment is relatively low in foreign countries but can not find parking local, and the domestic does artificially attract car owners parking, so at home and abroad shopping malls need to be different. However, in recent years, there are also special parking garage companies, followed by changes in the concept of trust in the futureParking fee SystemThe need for equipment will become higher.

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